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Plumbing (Hydraulic) Design

Designing for Functionality

Plumbing (Hydraulic) design is an important function of modern engineering and construction.

Functionality is essential to life where Plumbing (Hydraulic) design seeks to ensure that the building is equipped with the necessary components critical to public health and wellness.

At WDG our engineers and designers focus on the flow of fluids through pipes, pumps, valves, and other components. It is the foundation of many types of plumbing systems, including those used in homes, businesses, and other structures.

Our Plumbing (Hydraulic) Design Services Include:

  • Sewer Drainage (Gravitational, Pumped and Vacuum)
  • Trade Waste Drainage
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Sub-soil Drainage
  • Sanitary Plumbing
  • Stormwater Plumbing
  • Cold Water (potable)
  • Cold Water (unpotable)
  • Hot (warm) Water (potable)
  • Hot (warm) Water (unpotable)
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Hose Reel
  • Gas (Natural & LPG)
  • Downpipes and Gutters
Wallace Design Group Pty Ltd
Wallace Design Group Pty Ltd
Wallace Design Group Pty Ltd
Wallace Design Group Pty Ltd
Wallace Design Group Pty Ltd

Our Design Services

We specialise in Plumbing (Hydraulic), Fire, Waste & Water Infrastructure and Civil Design Services in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, The Hunter Valley and beyond.

Plumbing (Hydraulic)


Waste & Water Infrastructure


Domson Construction Pty Ltd

Thanks for the incredible service!

I am very blessed to have you guys for the design of the work & organising contractors to complete the work! It really relieves my headache since I have had holdups with the plumbing working.

Your incredible service including all the paperwork submitted to Hunter water is precise & fast.

I have no regrets to pay extra to have you source and compare all contractor’s quotes, your promise of 4 quotes came back within a short period of time. Your advice was valuable and saved me thousands in the end. Well done!

I would highly recommend WDG’s services to all builders & developers.

Kind Regards,
Domson Construction Pty Ltd

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